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How does your service work?

We offer a convenient online shopping opportunity. Use your computer or mobile device to access the site where you simply create an account, shop, checkout and pay for your grocery order. You can also select the day and time to pick up your order, most often you can pick it up the same day. See how easy it is with a quick video tutorial.

When you order online you still receive the store's competitive prices and weekly specials! Read More

Do you accept coupons?

Marketplace gladly accepts manufacturers' coupons for online orders, including those attached to products you've purchased, those you find in the newspaper, and most coupons printed or downloaded from the Internet. We cannot accept competitors' store coupons or manufacturers' coupons that say "Redeemable at (store name)." We do not match other stores' prices.

Your coupon must match the product you are applying it to (i.e. brand, pkg. size, flavor, etc.) as listed on the coupon. All coupons must be applied to your cart during the checkout process and provided to the store when you pick up your order. Read More

How do I pay for my orders?

We accept two forms of payment: Direct Check™, our preferred method, is the Internet equivalent of writing a check. You pay for groceries by authorizing a secure transfer from your checking or savings account for the amount of your order. Direct Check™ works on the same secure technology that millions of consumers use every day for paying bills and handling direct deposit of paychecks. And Direct Check™ comes with the same financial protections as credit card accounts. We also accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), and bank debit or check cards. We do not currently accept paper checks, cash or EBT for online orders. Read More

What is your substitution policy?

Allowing substitutions increases the likelihood you will receive the items you need – in the event your preferred brand or variety is out of stock. If you choose to receive substitutions for items that are out of stock, we will do our best to find the closest product. You will be charged the price of the substituted item. If you would rather not have substitutions, please indicate NO when you checkout by leaving the "Accept Substitutions" box empty. Please include any preferences related to substitutions in the Special Shopping Instructions field at checkout. If you DO want substitutions but would prefer not being contacted regarding the selection, please enter "Do not contact for substitutions" in the Special Shopping Instructions field. Read More

Where do I pick up my order?

Your order will be fulfilled at your selected Marketplace store. There are parking spaces at the front of the store designated for In-Store Pick Up. Once you park, call the store # on the sign posted at pick up spots and an attendant will bring groceries out to your vehicle. Your order is ready to pick up at the time you selected. It's okay if you are running late, once your order is picked and bagged it is kept in a cooler and/or freezer. Just be sure to pick it up the day you originally requested. If you applied manufacturer coupons to your order be sure to give the coupons to the attendant when you pick up your order. Read More

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