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Using manufacturer's coupons

Coborn's gladly accepts manufacturers' coupons, including those attached to products you've purchased, those you find in the newspaper, and most coupons printed or downloaded from the Internet. (See exceptions for Internet coupons.) We cannot accept competitors' store coupons or manufacturers' coupons that say "Redeemable at (store name)." We do not match other stores' prices.

Your coupon must match the product you are applying it to (i.e. brand, pkg. size, flavor, etc.) as listed on the coupon. All coupons must be applied to your cart during the checkout process and provided to the store when you pick up your order.

Internet Coupons

Internet coupons for free products
Manufacturers' do not promote free items via the Internet without some sort of purchase requirement, such as "Buy one, get one free." Coupons for free products are typically fraudulent. Therefore printed copies of Internet coupons offering free products without a purchase requirement will not be accepted.

Not acceptable: Get free [product], up to $10 value!
Acceptable: Buy one get one free; Free with purchase of [other] item(s)

Internet coupons for dollar-off products
Printed copies of Internet coupons offering a discount value greater than 50% off will not be accepted if the coupon value exceeds $2.00.

Not acceptable: $2.00 off an item that sells for $2.99
Acceptable: $2.00 off a $4.00 item

How to apply coupons

1. On the Review Cart page (Step 1 of the Checkout process), find the item shown in your coupon, enter the amount of the coupon in the box to the right of the item subtotal. (The amount cannot be greater than the cost of that item.) If the coupon requires you to buy a certain quantity in order to receive the discount, you should make sure you have the correct quantity in the left column.

2. Click the green "Apply" button. The page will refresh, and the coupon amount will appear next to the item. The "Apply" button will be replaced with a "Remove" button. To remove the coupon or to correct an error, just click this "Remove" button. The coupon amount is not subtracted from the product's unit price or subtotal at this point. Your coupon total is calculated separately and displayed at the bottom of the page. You should see the amount of each coupon on the "Step 2 — Confirm Information" checkout page. Your coupon total also appears on your Invoice Confirmation e-mail.

3. After you've placed your order, remember to put the coupons in an envelope (write your Username and Order Number on the front) and give them to the store when you pick up your order.

NOTE: If we do not provide the coupons applied to your order your source of payment (credit card or checking account) will be charged for the inital coupon discounts.

Buy One Get One and other special coupons

To redeem a Buy One Get One Free coupon, simply enter the price of the item you're getting for free as the coupon amount. For example, if your coupon is a Buy-one-get-one-free offer on spaghetti, you'll need to have two boxes of spaghetti in your cart. If the spaghetti is priced at, say, $1.29 each, enter 1.29 as the coupon amount. If the coupon is Buy-three-get-two-free, put five in your cart and enter 2.58 as the coupon amount, and so on.

Use the same process for offers in which you get something free when you purchase a related product. Just make sure you have both items in your cart, in the required quantities, and enter the value of the product you're supposed to receive for free in the Coupon Amount column next to that product. For example, you purchase peanut butter and are supposed to receive a free jar of jam, which costs $2.29. Enter 2.29 in the coupon amount column next to the jam.

If the coupon has a limit (for example, a maximum value of $1.50) and the item you're applying it to costs more, just enter the maximum value. If the free item's value is less than the coupon's maximum value, enter the lower amount.

Using Coborn's Promo Codes

If you received a mailer or e-mail from Coborn's with a special offer that requires the use of a Promo Code, that code should be entered as you check out. At Step 1 (the "Review Cart" page) enter this Promo Code in the green "Promo Code" box located at the botton of the Review Cart page exactly as it appears on your offer (including all letters and numbers) and click the "Apply" button. If the code is valid and has not yet expired, the discount or sale price will be reflected in your cart.

If there are any problems applying a Promo Code to your order, an error message containing details (e.g., promo doesn't exist, promo is expired) will be displayed in red above the promo code box.

Promo Code terms and conditions

Coborn's Promo Code offers cannot to be sold or reproduced. When you redeem a Promo Code offer online, your account is credited for the amount of the offer at the time you place your grocery order. Use of Promo Code offers must conform to Coborn's rules, policies and procedures. Customers are responsible for all applicable taxes. No cash value. Redemption restrictions may apply.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates/cards are not currently redeemable for Coborn's online purchases. 

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